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South Korean Towers Posted by on Jun 27, 2011 in Culture

Some of the best places to see Korea from up high are from an observation tower. One of the best observation towers in South Korea is Gyeongju Tower (경주타워). Gyeongju Tower is located in Gyeongju City (경주시) in North Gyeongsang Province (경상북도). It is eighty two meters high and was built as part of an Expo held at Gyeongju in 2007. The center of the tower where it’s bare, is supposed to be an outline of a Korean pagoda.

The Busan Tower (부산타워) is located in Joong District (중구) in the city of Busan (부산). The Busan Tower is one of the older observation towers in South Korea and it has towered over the area since nineteen seventy-three. The Busan Tower is one of the special landmarks of Busan. It’s especially a great date spot in the evenings when the Tower is lighted up for all to see. It’s also a favorite photo spot where everyone wants to take a photo of themselves against the backdrop of the Tower.

N Seoul Tower (엔 서울타워) is in Seoul (서울) and is a major landmark in Seoul. The Tower rests on Namsan Mountain (남산), which means that in order to get to the Tower, a cable car is needed to reach the Tower. The Tower is about two hundred and thirty seven meters high. From the top of the tower, you can see almost the whole of Seoul below. It’s a great place to take pictures of the city of Seoul, especially at night when the City is glowing with bright lights.

The Hanbit Tower (한빛탑) was built for the Daejeon Expo in 1993 (대전 엑스포 ‘93) and can be found in the city of Daejeon. The design of Hanbit Tower was inspired by the architecture of traditional Korean pagodas. When the Hanbit Tower was first revealed, it was supposed to be a symbol of Korea’s past and future melded into one. Today, the Hanbit Tower is still visited by tourists who want to see the entire landscape of Daejeon from up top.

Yangsan Tower (양신타워) is located in the city of Yangsan (양산) in Gyeongsangnam Province (경상남도). Like the other towers in South Korea, Yangsan Tower is a symbol of the community’s hopes and future. Yangsan Tower in particular represents the technological innovation of South Korea, and also benefits in highlighting the tourism of the local area. The Yangsan Tower is basically like a modern day giant torch that lights up the city below.


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