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Spring Festivities in South Korea Posted by on Apr 17, 2010 in Culture

The Cornus Fruit Festival in 인천 is a beautiful festival that highlights cornus fruit trees. The trees tend to bloom in the spring and from far away, it looks as though the area is covered in a sea of gold leaves. Some of the trees are actually hundreds of years old. Tourists are allowed to walk through the trees and take photos. These flower trees are important because they have traditionally signified the onset of the spring season.

The 함평 Butterfly Festival in 전라 province has a stunning attraction of landscapes contoured into buttefly shapes. The landscapes are an homage to the butterflies. There is also an actual butterfly attraction where tourists can watch actual butterflies futtering above the landscape. This festival is held in an effort to protect butterfly habitats and ecourage butterflies to flourish and mate in the 전라 region.

The Canola Flower Festival on 제주 island is filled with 유채 flowers or canola flowers in the spring season. The canola flowers look like a ray of sunshine spread over a vast area. Aesthetic wise, the canola flowers are pleasing to the senses, but the flowers also provide a practical function in the ecosystem. The canola flowers attract tens of dozens of birds, bees and other insects. They all flock to the 제주 area, making the place a diverse habitat for all sorts of critters.

The Naval Port Festival in 경상남 Province is South Korea’s largest cherry blossom festival. Visitors can walk through an endless row of cherry blossom trees. The event also honors the general 이순신, who was one of Korea’s best naval officers. Some of the general’s greatest victories and tragedies were played out on the sea, and this naval area commemorates the general through a processional parade.

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