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Traditional Korean Candy Posted by on May 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

is a type of traditional Korean candy. There are many different varieties of. One variety is 땅콩엿. 땅콩엿 is a type of peanut . This type of candy is made by boiling glutinous rice, corn, sweet potatoes, sorghum and sugar in a pot called a . When chilled, the mixture solidifies and is covered with peanuts.

생강엿 is a type of ginger candy. This type of candy is made by boiling malt, syrup, walnuts, ginger and sugar for a short period of time. Before the candy totally hardens, the is cut into pieces. Instead of chewing it, people usually wait for it to melt in the mouth. The malt gives the candy a dark color. The walnuts look like the insects in fossilized resin that you see in the museums.

호박엿 is a type of squash candy. This type of candy is made by carving out the insides of a squash and steaming the contents until it is soft. The squash is then boiled with sugar, glutinous millet, corn syrup, rice and nuts, in an earthenware pot called . Before the candy settles, the pieces are cut into blocks. When the candy hardens, it feels like rock candy.

깨엿 is a type of sesame candy. The candy is made by mixing sunflower seeds, corn, barley, chestnuts, water and sugar. Out of the varieties of , the sesame kind will probably be the softest. Taste wise, it’ll probably be the blandest. Any of these candies can be found from outdoor vendors or in pre-made and packaged goods in stores. In the past, a lot more people made them at home, but times have changed since then.

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