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The topic of ancient Roman cuisine is a fascinating subject. To get an idea of how food tasted back in ancient Roman times, people today have tried to recreate some of the recipes that were used in ancient Rome. One such venture was carried out by a funny food critic named Giles Coren and British comedian Sue Perkins. They make no hesitation about how they feel about the food from ancient Rome…

I’m curious to know how the food tasted. I wish they described how the food smelled through description, instead of making those terrible noises. I guess I won’t be trying that udder pâté any time soon! Besides the obvious entertaining element to this show I like how they throw in bits of educational information, like how the ancient Romans believed that eating the organs of animals would give them strength.

There’s a British chef by the name of Heston Blumenthal. He is determined to provide his guests with an ancient Roman banquet. Some of the interesting dishes include pig nipple scratchings, calf brain custard, and trojan hog.

Oh and of course Blumenthal will also make a certain kind of …ahem! Lava cake…  It makes me wonder though, how authentic this preparation is for the banquet? I’m not sure the ancient Romans used beaker cups to make their food…


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