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Educational Videos on Ancient Rome Posted by on Mar 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Interested about ancient Rome? One way to learn more about Rome is to read about it. The other way is to watch a video about it.

Ever heard about Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire? It’s about a 2006 BBC docudrama that looks at key points in the history of ancient Rome. If you like your documentaries done in chronological order, you might hate this one. However, in my own opinion, the series is one of the more interesting videos on ancient Rome. Here’s a clip:

There’s also a documentary by PBS called : The Roman Empire in the First Century. If you’re looking for more than just a brief overview of the important players in ancient Roman history, then perhaps this isn’t for you.

To be fair to all the documentary production teams, it’s hard to find the balance between making the content interesting, riveting to a mainstream audience that may not be particularly interested in ancient Roman history. On that note, anyone have any other good documentaries on ancient Rome that they can recommend?

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  1. Charles Laster:

    I’m going to scry the DVD vaults and find this stuff! Was anybody a fan of Rome, the HBO series?

  2. Rob Wichert:

    Rome was a great series. Bruno Heller is making a Rome movie to top it all off.

    To the site owner: Thanks for posting those docs. I have the BBC one but not the other two. I’m trying to find as much stuff as I can to download before the Government shuts down all the bit torrent sites. LOL

  3. Charles Laster:

    OO. Looking forwad to seeing that movie.

  4. melissa:

    The punic wars were always a interesting period of ancient Rome. So many great generals and leaders emerged during this time.