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Quiz Posted by on Mar 30, 2010 in Latin Language

Every month, I’ll try to post a quiz on everything that we learned, so that you won’t forget all that you’ve learned! Here’s a quiz of all that we learned so far, and the answers will be posted in the next post:

(1) Dictātor es.

(2) Adulēscēns nōn sum.

(3) Sumus deae.

(4) Nōn sum ego servus.

(5) Vir est hōmo.

(6) Puer nōn est medicus.

(7) Pīratae nōn sunt convīvae.

(8) Ambulant. (ambulāre = to walk)

(9) ōrāmus. (ōrāre = to beg, to plead)

(10) Sum puella et es fēmina.

(11) Et agricola et nauta sum.

(12) Trānsportātis aquam terramque. (trānsportāre = to transport. aqua= water. terra = soil.)

(13) Nōn narrat adulter fābulam. (fābula = story. nārrāre = to tell [a story]. adulter = adulterer.)

(14) Socerī portant tubam.  (portāre = to carry, to bring. socer = father-in-law. tuba = trumpet.)

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