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The word Pompeii invokes various imagery and feelings within individuals. From some, it may simply be the name of “some old place” or  be the title of their favorite song or movie. However, we all know (through research, study or school) that Pompeii was one of the great cities in Ancient Rome that was wiped out by a volcano. What most people don’t know (or don’t focus on) was the life of Pompeii before it was covered in ash. This post is a helpful guide to aid anyone who is curious about this city.

The City:

(please click the image for more art and architecture from Pompeii)


Courtesy of Wikicommons & Paul Vlaar .

Resources to Learn About the City:

A wonderful documentary:

Last fall, the British Museum had an extraordinary exhibit dedicated to the Life and Death of Pompeii; their interactive website will be of use for anyone studying or wanting to learn more about Pompeii:here.

Or learn about its renowned and humorous graffiti: here

Today: It is Collapsing; Tomorrow- who knows

Did you know that parts of Pompeii are collapsing? That due to environment conditions (rain, smog, etc.) more than three walls have fallen and collapsed! See what officials are doing about it here!

The Movie:

If you have not seen the film yet, I offer these two reviews: here and here.

Regardless of the reviews, one must stand in awe of the technology available to recreate such a stunning city. I personally have yet to see the film, but I am assured that there are several artifacts from antiquity hidden through out it.

This article (SPOILERS- here) shows  this historic accuracies and inaccuracies. It also shows how certain characters and even items were based off the finds in excavations!

The Original Song:

The Song at the British Museum:

Coincidentally, they were invited to the British Museum during its exhibit on Pompeii and allowed to perform amongst the art and artifacts: (this is why the song is done acoustically)

Museum Tours Upcoming for 2014:

Here is the best website with the news for up and coming tours and traveling exhibits: here. There is one coming to Southern California (here) at the California Science Center, and another one currently on in Philadelphia (here). I have yet to find a good site for Europe, but then again Pompeii is in Europe.

Pompeii on Google Maps:

But, if you are unable to make any of these tours or see the real thing; check out Pompeii on Google Maps (with Zoom). Here is a helpful article on it.


I hold that regardless if the buildings of Pompeii fell and the movie never existed that Pompeii would be taught and recreated for future generations. However, I will say that its publicity within museums, songs, and movies help current generations become interested and spark that passion that will ensure they remember it and preserve it within their minds (and indirectly their children’s).

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  1. Nathan:

    I spent a very enjoyable afternoon wondering aimlessly around Pompeii once. It is a hauntingly stunning place. It would be a cultural loss to the world to lose it. Pictures and videos don’t do it justice.