Third Declension Accusative and Genitive Posted by on Jul 28, 2010 in Latin Language

Let’s do some translation practice and learn about the third declension accusative and genitive endings. The answers will be provided below :

1) Canis servat rēgem

2) Mīlitēs et cūstōdēs hostem vident (mīles = soldier. Hostis = enemy)

3) Gladiātōrēs leōnēs pugant (leō = lion)

4) Uxor vigilis ad fōntem ambulat (uxor = wife. Vigil = watchman, sentinel, fireman)

5) Mulierēs rēgis in līmen ambulant (mulier = woman. līmen = threshold, doorway, border)

6) Et Sorōrēs et frātrēs imperātōris circum nāvigant maria (soror = sister. Frāter = brother. Imperātor = general, commander, emperor. Mare = sea.)

7) Pater rēgis sum et pater plēbum es (Plēbs = plebians, common people)

8 Estis animālia nōn amātis sed inter anserēs labōrātis (animal = animal. inter = between, among. Anser = goose)

9) Prope flūmen montemque natāmus (mōns = mountain)

Answers :

1) The dog guards the king

2) The soldiers and guards are watching the enemy

3) The gladiators are fighting the lions

4) The wife of the watchman (or the watchman’s wife) is walking to the fountain

5) The women of the king (or the king’s women) are walking into the doorway

6) Both the sisters and brothers of the emperor are sailing around the seas

7) I am the father of the king and you are the father of the commoners

8 You all do not love animals but you all work among geese

9) We are swimming near the river and the mountain

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