Third Declension Dative and Ablative Posted by on Aug 16, 2010 in Latin Language

For today’s lesson we’ll do some translation exercises using the dative and ablative of the third declension :

1. Mulierēs ā fonte ad montem ambulant

2. Cūstōdibus fābulam narrō

3. Rēx est in casā cum mīlitibus

4. Rēgī equōs dās

5. In īnsulā estis sine animālibus

6. Mulieribus fontem iterque aedificāmus

7. Anserem numquam portō sed cum muliere canem et fēlem semper portō

8. Frāter rēgis cum hoste rēgis stellās nōn spectat

Answers :

1. The women are walking from the fountain to the mountain

2. I am telling a story to the guards

3. The king is in the house with the soldiers

4. You give horses to the king

5. You all are on the island without animals

6. We are building a fountain and a road for the women

7. I never carry a goose but I always carry a dog and cat with the woman

8. The king’s brother does not watch the stars with the king’s

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