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Fall in northern Norway Posted by on Sep 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Høst i Tromsø-is here.  Although the temperature has hovered in the 50s and a bit in the 60s since I´ve been here, now it really feels like høst (fall).  We had a stretch of really nice weather, klare skyer (clear skies), sol (sun), and behagelige temperaturer (comfortable temperatures).  Since Saturday, the temperature has gone down a few grader (degrees) and sola har forsvunnet (the sun has disappeared).  Been pretty dreary the past few days. It started with Døgnvill Festival on Saturday with  kaldere temperaturer and regn (rain).

Trærne mister bladene deres (The trees are losing their leaves) quite quickly as well.  I feel like just a few days ago some of trærne started to take on shades of gul (yellow) and today it is almost half and half.  I think weather changes in general happen more quickly up here in the far north.  The major indicator of how fast things change is the light.  When I arrived at the end of July, the sun never really set.  It was dusk for a couple of hours in the early am, but never totally dark, actually quite light.  Now, in the beginning of September the sun sets at about 8pm and rises at around 5am.  That is a huge difference from when I arrived!  I´m definitely noticing the effect on me-feeling more sleepy due to less daylight and less sol.

However, looks like we´re going to have a sort of Índian Summer´as I know it at home in Minnesota.  From tomorrow through the weekend været (the weather) is supposed to be very nice- 60s and sol with little vind.  Og jeg skal på jakt (And I´m going hunting) a couple hours south so it will be even a bit varmere and nicer:)  Perfect vær å gå på jakt!

It´s going to be my and my dog (weimaraner)´s first jakttur (hunting trip).  We are going with a friend of mine who is my age and a bunch of older guys and their hunder (dogs).  This is an annual trip for them so they are all very experienced with hunting and with hunting with hunder.  Apparently one of them is like a Norwegian Caeser Milan with hunder.  I´m super excited to see how my hund is going to function as she is the world´s oldest breed of stående fuglhunder (standing bird dogs).  I think she´s going to be excellent.  Hopefully she will help us find many ryper (grouse) and harer (hares) to eat for the big fellesmiddag (dinner altogether) on lørdagskveld (Saturday night) at which point we will eat what we shoot.  I´ve been told there´s quite a bit of partying that goes on too 🙂 so that should be fun after long days of walking around looking for ryper and harer.

I´ll surely write a post sharing my experience with you when I get back 🙂  Stay tuned.

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