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Pashto song with lyrics Posted by on Jan 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Let’s try learning Pashto by listening to songs with lyrics, translations or transliterations. Here are a few songs in Pashto. The songs selected below are slow, calm and should be easy to follow.  Depending on your level in Pashto, you may have to listen to the songs a couple of times.  If you are at a lower learning level, you should be able to understand a few words.  Songs with Lyrics are additional motivational tools to learning a language.  They can help you with your reading and writing skills.  The individuals in some of the videos are wearing their beautiful traditional clothes.  These videos will help you learn Pashto and give you an idea of a few local costumes as well. If you are losing interest in learning Pashto, song with lyrics can help your motivation to continue.  Listening to songs with lyrics is fun and there is no homework involved.  Songs can also help you remember certain words.  You can try to find your favorite artists and listen to their songs with lyrics if available.  Have fun listening!

 Two links to the first songs are provided below. Both links are for the same song. The first is translated in English and the second is transliterated.  The 3rd song is with lyrics, tranliteration and translation.

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    can you please send me translation of “TE LAL PARi” by “GUL PANRA”

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