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Afghan National Police Ranks and Organizations. Posted by on Jan 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Afghan National Police:      afghan mili police   افغان ملي پولیس            

National Police falls Under Ministry of Interior:

Mili police de Wozarat e dakhelay peh chowkat ke  ملی پولیس د وزارت داخلی په چوکات کی

National Law Enforcement Ranks: ANP ranks are in Pashto language for Dari.

                 English                                                Transliterated                            Pashto/ Dari

 First lieutenant  lumray Saran  لومړی څارن                                
 Second Lieutenant  dowahom saran  دوهم څارن                                  
 Major  samun wal  څمون وال                                   
 Captain  sarman  څارمن                                       
 Lieutenant  samun mal  څمون مل                                    
 Colonel  samun wal  څمون وال                                   
 General  mal paswaal  مل پاسوال                                   
 Ranks under first lieutenant are  satunkai  ساتونکی                                      


ANP Organizations with translations and transliterations:

ANP Organizations names are in Dari.

                English                                                Transliterated                                            Dari

Afghan Border Police de Afghanistan sarhadi police  د افغانستان سرحدی پولیس                 
 Afghan HighwayPolice  De luyu laaru police د لویو لارو پولیس                          
 Afghan Local Uniformed Police  Mahali police  محلي پولیس                                 
 Criminal investigation police   de genaee tahqeqatu police  د جنایی تحقیقاتو پولیس                     
Afghan National Civil Order Police de nazm e aamay mili police   د نظم عامی ملي پولیس                     
AfghanistanSpecial Narcotics Force de mokhaderu mawadu makhsusah qowah    د مخدرو موادو مخصوه قوه             
Counter Narcotics Police of Afghan    Da mukhaddera Mawado par zed de mubaarezey police. د مخدره موادو پر ضد د مبارزي پولیس             
Afghan National Auxiliary Police  Komaki police  کمکی پولیس                               


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  1. Najib Amerkhail:

    I think the title of major and colonel in Pashto are mistakenly described identical as “Samunwal” for both ranks in the upper mentioned table.