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Great Polish rhymes for kids Posted by on Oct 31, 2012

Today I wanted to share some information with you about this great book with Polish rhymes. Since my kids are bilingual (my older daughter is almost 3 and she speaks both Polish and English, my younger daughter is …1 month old – obviously she can not speak yet, but she listens to us speaking Polish…

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Polish halloween rhymes Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

Here are some Polish rhymes for halloween! Just in case you will be trick or treating in Poland! ✾ My jesteśmy straszne zmory,
 Bardzo groźne z nas upiory, 
Jeśli nie chcesz się nas bać, 
musisz nam cukierka dać. We are terrible nightmares, Very dangerous ghosts, 
 If you do not want to be afraid of…

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How Halloween is celebrated in Poland Posted by on Oct 29, 2012

Celebrating Halloween is a very popular tradition around the world. It has been a vital part of Irish tradition since as early as the 10th century and from that time it has been spreading around and gaining fame in a multitude of different countries. Yet, in Poland still hardly anyone dresses up and goes trick-or-treating…

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Helpful information about phone systems in Poland Posted by on Oct 28, 2012

Using phones in Poland is slightly different than using them here in USA. Here are some helpful hints about telecommunication: When calling within Poland, dial the city code and then the telephone number. For example to call Warsaw number from Kraków or anywhere in Poland, dial: 22 351 22 22. To call any Polish mobile…

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Measurements and conversions Posted by on Oct 27, 2012

A lot of people get confused about different measurements used in different countries, so I decided to write this post to help a little bit. To be honest, I still have to think a while before converting everything, after spending most of my life in Poland and living here in the States for 10 years……

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Emergency phone numbers (telefony alarmowe) great to keep handy! Especially when you find yourself in trouble in a foreign country! Here are emergency phone number in Poland: From fixed phones: 999: Ambulance – Ambulans, Karetka pogotowia 998: Fire Brigade – Straż Pożarna 997: Police – Policja 981: Road Assistance – Pomoc Drogowa 986: Municipal Police…

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Customs regulations Posted by on Oct 25, 2012

When you visit foreign country, you usually think about things you can bring and things you want to leave with. As a member of the European Union, Poland belongs to a customs union – items imported into and exported from Poland within the territory of the EU are free from customs duties. The official limits…

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