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A lot of people get confused about different measurements used in different countries, so I decided to write this post to help a little bit. To be honest, I still have to think a while before converting everything, after spending most of my life in Poland and living here in the States for 10 years…

Like most European countries, Poles use the metric system.

Distances are measured in meters and kilometers.

1 m (meter) = 100 cm (centimeter)

1000 m = 1 km (kilometer)

Fluids are measured in liters, weight in kilograms and temperature in degree Celsius.

1 l = 1000 mL (millilitre)

1 kg (kilogram) = 100 dg (decagram) = 1000 g (gram)



1 inch = 2.54 cm

1 foot = 30.5 cm

1 yard = 0.9 m

1 mile = 1,609 m


1 pound = 454 kg

1 ounce = 28 g


1 US fl. oz. = 29 mL

1 US pint = 473 mL

1 US gallon = 3.8 l

1 UK fl. oz. = 28 mL

1 UK pint = 368 mL

1 UK gallon = 4.6 l


-17.8 °C = 0 °F

0 °C = 32 °F

37 °C = 98.6 °F

100°C = 212 °F

Did you know that Gabriel Fahrenheit was born in Gdańsk in northern Poland?

If you are not sure about conversions, you can use this handy converter:

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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  1. Mary:

    You’ve missed out the cursed american cup.
    Also what is a stick of butter?

    When i look at american recipies (like rachel ray) and they have these measurements – i am completely lost!

  2. Konrad:

    A common unit for mass in Poland is “deca” (for decagram) which means 10 grams. This is even very unusual for people from other “metric” countries…