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Do you know all 16 voivodeships of Poland? Posted by on Sep 14, 2021

The voivodeship is called in Polish województwo (plural województwa). Did you know how many of these high-level administrative subdivisions are in Poland? The Polish local government reforms adopted in 1998, which went into effect on January 1st 1999, created sixteen new voivodeships. These replaced the 49 former voivodeships that had existed from July 1st. 1975. Today’s voivodeships are mostly…

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Adopting homeless animals in Poland Posted by on Aug 20, 2021

Tomorrow is International Homeless Animals Day (Międzynarodowy Dzień Bezdomnych Zwierząt). It falls on every third Saturday in August, which will be August 21 this year, and is honored with events and increasing participation every year all over the world. This day intents to spread awareness about pet overpopulation and has done meaningful work since first celebrated…

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Abortion ban takes effect in Poland after all Posted by on Jan 28, 2021

Most of you heard about “Strajk kobiet” that took place in Poland back in October 2020. Thousands of people were protesting decision in the nation’s Constitutional Court in Warsaw, that would have further narrowed access to abortion in Poland. As a result of the nationwide protests, government indefinitely delayed the publication of the court’s ruling…

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News from Poland you might have missed recently. Posted by on Nov 19, 2020

While our attention has been gripped by the US Presidential Election, the world is still going forward. With that here are couple biggest stories in Poland which may have missed your attention during coverage of the race for the White House. 1. Since October 22nd, hundreds of thousands across Poland have been protesting—in over five…

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No more lines at the Polish consulate while applying for passport Posted by on Nov 30, 2019

Few years ago I flew to New York to renew my Polish passport. I was pregnant, it was hot and I definitely did not expect to stand in line at the Polish consulate for few hours, before I was able to file my form… I bet a lot of you know the pain! My friend…

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Is U.S. visa waiver program in near future for Poland? Posted by on Sep 24, 2019

The fact that Poland, a major ally of the US, still does not enjoy visa-free travel to the US has been an irritation to the Polish side for some years. However, the number of visa applications refused has fallen sharply over the past few years. The American embassy in Warsaw launched a campaign in April…

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What number to dial in case of emergency in Poland? Posted by on Aug 12, 2019

If you are in an emergency situation abroad, you will need to know how to contact the police, an ambulance or fire department. I really hope you will never need to use this emergency call in Poland or in any other country! But just in case you find yourself in this situation in Poland, here…

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