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Is it legal to spread human ashes in Poland? Posted by on Jul 23, 2019

I recently said goodbye to a friend, together with his family, at the top of the mountain. He had certain wishes about his burial, before he passed away. It was a very sad, but beautiful moment. If your loved one was cremated, you may be planning to scatter his or her ashes, or at least…

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Can you fly with your pets to Poland? Posted by on Jul 9, 2019

Poland is a quite welcoming country, both to people and animals (check this out )! So if you are planning longer vacation or moving to Poland, you don’t have to be separated from your pet. You really should not have much trouble in taking your furry friend with you, just make sure you comply with…

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Riding a bicycle in Poland – what do you have to know? Posted by on Aug 31, 2018

We usually take our bike from the garage or basement  when we notice that the temperature outside is warm enough not to freeze us during the ride. Other times we do it when we decide to change our lifestyle and start living a healthier life by doing exercise – a bike seems like a good…

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Details about dual citizenship for Polish citizens Posted by on Feb 20, 2018

How does dual citizenship work for Polish citizens? Here you will find the answers! Poland does not recognize dual citizenship of its citizens. However, Polish law does not forbid a Polish citizen from becoming the citizen of a foreign state but Polish authorities will only recognize the Polish citizenship. A Polish citizen may hold Polish…

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How gun laws in Poland compare to other countries? Posted by on Oct 11, 2017

A lot of things get unnoticed by, but its inhabitants and neighbours becomes national news, it is often because of a serious or shocking incident. Recently, with 59 dead and more than 500 injured, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history leaves lives destroyed… The tragedy has left the close-knit Las Vegas entertainment community reeling, just…

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Should you be afraid of driving in Poland? Posted by on Sep 15, 2017

There are many who claim Poland is one of the worst places for car drivers in Europe! I think that first time I visited Poland with my husband, he felt the same way…at least at the beginning. After few days though he started having fun! Like any time you are visiting a different country, you…

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Maternity leave in Poland sounds great! Posted by on Jun 10, 2016

When it comes to the world’s maternity leaves report card, not all countries are passing with flying colors. But Poland is definitely doing amazing comparing to other countries. When I was pregnant with my babies, thinking about spending all time with my child sounded like an amazing thing! However it was stressful at the same…

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