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Tongue twisters time! Posted by on May 31, 2014

cnfjForget Peter Piper’s peppers and the rain in Spain, or whatever consonant riddled concoctions (spółgłoskowe podziurawione mikstury) English can throw at us, because you can pretty much rest assured they will always pale in comparison to their Polish counterparts (polskie odpowiedniki), the language with perhaps the twistiest of the tongue twisters. Getting used to the…

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So what’s the trick with Polish clauses? Posted by on May 30, 2014

In every language there are different types of clauses which are connected and associated with particular words, expressions or phrases. It often happens that we do not know the exact grammar name of these clauses, but still we use them both in speech and writing, sometimes even not realizing that. Below there is the presentation…

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How popular “Game of thrones” is in Poland? Posted by on May 27, 2014

The whole world loves Game of Thrones (Gra o tron), that’s no surprise – but which country loves Game of Thrones the very most? And which characters does each separate country find themselves talking about the most? With a new study put together through Outbrain, we can look Game of Thrones love by the numbers…

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“I’m just learning Polish…” Posted by on May 24, 2014

Everyone likes to have a backup when it comes to languages; a reliable plan B for when a conversation takes a turn you aren’t expecting. It’s a great fall back when a native speaker starts talking like lightning, sentence after incomprehensible sentence. If you let them know you’re a learner, not only will most people…

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What is your favorite quote from a Polish movie? Posted by on May 23, 2014

How many times have you said “Let the force be with you”? Or “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get” in real life? Either seriously or as a joke…Movie quotes often “peel away” from the movie and function in every day life. There are so many great movie quotes…and  of course…

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How to use word “mieć” – Polish “to have” Posted by on May 14, 2014

In English, the verb ‘to have’ is a dynamic and flexible word. We use it to say a variety of things, from simple possession to use as an auxiliary verb to introduce other meanings and for a variety of tenses (‘I have done that’ for example). In Polish it isn’t used as often as an…

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“Let it go” in Polish Posted by on May 13, 2014

If you are a parent, or more specific,  if you are a parent of a girl or girls, you are well familiar with amazing Disney movie “Frozen”. I have 2 girls and they are both in love with Anna and Elsa! They are 4.5 and 1.5 years old and they love watching Frozen and singing…

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