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How to celebrate Pistachio Day in Poland Posted by on Feb 26, 2021

There is a National or World Day for almost everything. Pistachios (plural “pistacje”, singular “pistacja” in Polish) are no different! February 26th is National Pistachio Day! People in Poland, just like everywhere else in the world, love pistachios! Do they celebrate Pistachio Day? I’m not sure, to be honest…but I know that I definitely would! Pistachios…

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Do you know how many airports does Poland have? Posted by on Feb 16, 2021

Sure, we were very limited in flying to Europe within last year, but life is slowly getting back to somehow normal and people start traveling a little more. Do you know where all the airports are in Poland? Well, I will help you with that! It’s always good to know your options! Especially when it…

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Tasty treat that often gets overlooked during Polish Fat Thursday Posted by on Feb 11, 2021

I honestly wish I was in Poland today! So does my husband and my kids…donuts just don’t taste the same, unless you have them during Fat Thursday in Poland! And they are not the only tasty treat that I love on that day… Often overlooked and not as popular as pączki, faworki are equally delicious…

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Do Poles celebrate International Pizza Day? Posted by on Feb 9, 2021

We sure love gołąbki, pierogi, bigos and pączki (we will have plenty of these in just couple of days!)…but we also love a good pizza! You heard it right, it might not be Italian quality, but Poles are great pizza makers as well! And they sure know about International Pizza Day! And what a better day…

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