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A must read about Polish Christmas customs Posted by on Dec 23, 2019 in Culture

Polish Christmas traditions are among the richest and most colorful in the world! If you want to read all about them, including traditional food, ornaments making, Christmas plays and many more amazing things about Christmas in Poland, then I have just a perfect book for you!

It is a book that I bought online couple years ago. It is written by Polanie Club (remarkable group of women who put this book together!). The name of it is “TREASURED POLISH CHRISTMAS CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS”.

The book I own and recommend to many people who would like to find out more details about Polish Christmas customs!


It was printed five times, with the first printing in 1972 and the fifth one in 1980. It is an old book with such a charm…a book that I will keep for a long time and pass it on to my kids at some point.

It starts with a beautiful dedication:

“We dedicate this book to the memory of our parents and Polish ancestors, who gave us the gift of their heritage; To the Polish people who had to leave their native land and are scattered all over the world today; To the youth of Polish descent and to all others who are interested in research in the areas of folklore and other ethnic studies.”

In the book you will find pretty much everything you need to know about Christmas traditions in Poland. It is almost a guide for “do it yourself Polish Christmas”.

You will be reading a beautiful Christmas story, starting from the preparations days before, celebrating St. Nicholas Day, details about Pasterka and Christmas Day to New Year’s Eve. Everything is written in such beautiful words, that turning each page will give you goose bumps!

You will find true, original recipes for all different dishes that are prepared during Christmas at Polish homes.

Examples from the Christmas dinner menu


This is just one of few pages with yummy recipes!

You will also find the play “Jasełka”. It is the nativity play, which was especially popular in the middle ages. It can be produced in one, two or three acts. The Jasełka in this book is in three acts and contains songs and Christmas carols.

For the “Kolędy” (Polish Christmas Carols) fans, you will find plenty of them here!

Many beautiful Christmas songs are included here!

Last, but not least, with the help in this book you will be able to create beautiful Polish Christmas ornaments! They come with pictures and all directions on how to make them.

I really hope you will be able to somehow read this book! It is truly a gem! You should be able to find it on Amazon or Ebay. There is also another place I saw few of them available. Check out  this website.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Michelle:

    Our library in Pittsburgh, PA, USA has a copy of “TREASURED POLISH CHRISTMAS CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS”.

    • Kasia:

      @Michelle Great information Michelle! I didn’t even think of checking the library for it.Thank you!

  2. Tereleczek Szkotowski:

    I bought a hardcover in fine condition from AbeBooks this morning.