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So many people talk about European’s Christmas Markets. And yes, Poland has many amazing ones! Beautiful Christmas lights, gigantic Christmas trees, tasty local food, mulled wine and gingerbread, a beautiful ice rink, original and handmade Christmas gifts, Christmas concerts. These are the ingredients for your next  Christmas holiday in Poland, with family, with friends, alone or with your loved one. Any way is a good way:)

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to mean joylessly battling through department store crowds or trawling the Internet for bargains. Why not combine present-buying with traveling to Poland?

The most popular Christmas Markets are in Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Warsaw, Gdańsk, but many smaller cities have amazing markets as well.

For anyone dreaming of a white Christmas, Kraków usually delivers. Located on the Main Market Square and the Old Town’s center, the wooden stalls of the Christmas Market offer a variety of gifts, treats, and beverages that are best enjoyed out in the cold air, while exploring all the best that Kraków has to offer. The city’s huge main square, typically gets a heavy dusting of snow during December, making a visit here even more magical than some of the big name markets in Europe. Kraków’s 2019 Christmas market is on from November 29th to January 7th.

Another place to visit during Christmas is Wrocław. It is such a wonderful location and so underrated as a destination, both at Christmas time and otherwise. The Christmas market is not small but it’s far less crowded than Kraków and I bet you will enjoy Christmas activities there as well.

Wrocław has traditional Polish food like pierogi and smoked cheese but the market has more international stalls where you can get Hungarian langos, Dutch pancakes, paella type dishes and many other delicious foods worth trying. Of course, you can find mulled wine, hot apple cider and hot chocolate too.

Image by Karl909 from Pixabay

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Warsaw’s Christmas Markets have a bit of everything. There’s traditional Polish food like pierogi, sweets, hearty soups and grilled meat plus international food like langos, goulash plus dried fruit and chocolate. You can’t go wrong with a cup of hot chocolate or a shot of sweet fruit vodka.

Warsaw has a few markets to look out for, one in the main market square, another closer to the Royal Palace and a more modern Christmas market in the Praga district towards the east of the Vistula River at the foot of the stadium. Dates for the markets in Warsaw are end of November through December 24th (some of the Markets take place through January 6th).

Image by Karl909 from Pixabay

As always, I would love to hear from you about your own experience. Have you ever been to any of the Polish Christmas Markets? If yes, please give us some details in comments below.


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