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My kids still have a little time left before going back to school, but a lot of students in US already started school! First day of school is always such an important day for both parents and students! Meeting new teachers, meeting new friends, reconnecting with teachers you know and friends you missed!

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Here is a little school vocabulary that may come in handy in the next couple of weeks:

school – szkoła

classroom – klasa

first day of school – pierwszy dzień szkoły

student – uczeń

atlas – atlas

ink – atrament

square – ekierka

glue – klej

ruler – linijka

label – nalepka

sharpener – temperówka

backpack – tornister, plecak

exercise book – zeszyt

coloured pencils – kredki

pencil case – piórnik

paper clip  – spinacz

blackboard – tablica

sponge – gąbka

be late – spóźniać sie

behaviour – zachowanie

bored – znudzony

break – przerwa

certificate – świadectwo

course – kurs

debate – debata

drama classes – zajęcia teatralne

elementary school – szkoła podstawowa

end-of-term – koniec semstru

exam – egzamin

foreing languages – jezyki obce

grade – ocena

principal – dyrektor

recess – przerwa

high school – liceum

kindergarten – zerówka

lecture – wykład

memory game – gra pamięciowa

to miss classes – opuścić lekcje

participant – uczestnik

participate – uczestniczyć

pass – zdać

pencil sharpener – temperówka

pencil case – piórnik

palyground – plac zabaw

poetry – poezja

result – wynik

solving problems – rozwiązywanie problemów

staff room – pokój nauczycielski

team task – zadanie zespołowe

way – sposób

well-behaved – grzeczny

workshop – warsztat

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  1. Susan Humeston:

    My mother is of 100% Polish descent. I want to be able to read Genealogical records from the 1800’s, many of which are hand written. Even if I don’t learn this much, I feel I have a connection with my ancestors and would love to know as much as I can.