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Can you find ostriches in Poland? Posted by on Mar 22, 2017 in Places to visit

Sure you can! Ostrich farming in the west began several years ago. It came to Europe through South Africa and North America due to the high quality of the meat and skin.
The growing popularity of ostrich farming in the world is associated with the possibility of all-round use. These birds provide meat, eggs, feathers, and other minor products. Demand for the products of the ostrich is huge.


African ostrich – main features – Afrykański struś – główne cechy

• lives  between 60 to 70 years – Żyje od 60 do 70 lat

• sexual maturity of cocks after three years , of  hens after two years – Płciowe dojrzałości samców po trzech latach,  samic po dwóch latach,

• fertility up to  40 years – Płodność do 40 lat

• bird weight ranges from 100 to 150 kg – Waga ptaków wynosi od 100 do 150 kg

• speed in the run up to 60 km / h. – Prędkość w biegu do 60 km / h.

• the height of bird ranges from 2, 0 up to 2, 8 m – Wysokość ptaków wynosi od 2, 0 do 2, 8 m

• withstands temperatures down to -41 ° C – Wytrzymuje temperatury do -41 ° C,

• foods: alfalfa, clover, grass, grain and a special feed produced in our country – Żywność: lucerna, koniczyna, trawa, zboże i specjalny pasza produkowany w naszym kraju

There are few different ostrich farms in Poland.

African ostrich farm in Garczyn was founded in July 1993 as the first one in Poland. The breeding was started from 10 young ostriches placed in a specially adapted existing barn for them. In 1997 it was built a new ostrich house for basic ostrich herd that is divided into several families. The farm has also a hatchery.

Another place, Gołków, near Warsaw offers a unique and exotic attraction – farm full of African ostriches.

In the offer they have not only option to touch animals and watch them – you can purchase ostrich eggs as well, check out the rooms where they eat and sleep, stay at the hostel for a night or even taste an ostrich meat for real meat lovers. Besides ostriches live many birds, goats and other animals that children can find interesting to see and touch.

Sightseeing includes as well small prelection about ostriches eggs, their character and history how they came to Poland.

Have any of you tasted ostrich’s eggs before?

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