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Eat your cake and plate too? Posted by on Oct 14, 2021 in Food, Traditions

Having a birthday party? Do you use paper plates, ceramic? Did you know that in Poland a lot of people use waffles/wafers as plates! Once you are done with the cake, eat the plate too!

In Poland you can buy “Wafle tortowe“in pretty much each grocery store (sklep spożywczy). They usually come in a package, with few layers. You can cut the big squares into 4 smaller ones and use them as plates, while serving a cake. Sometimes you can find them already pre-cut and ready for the party!

Image by my brother, Krzysztof, on his 40th Birthday!

When I was growing up in Poland, my mother would also make a waffle cake out of them. You can put layers of whatever you feel like in between and create a delicious cake out of it. Popular name for it is “wafle tortowe” or “torcik waflowy“. What can you use as a filling?

  • toffee filling
  • fruity filling
  • peanut cream filling
  • eggnog cream filling
  • honey cream filling
  • cacao cream filling
  • vanilla cream filling
  • lemon cream filling

The most popular fillings in Poland are toffee or powdered milk-based cacao cream. They are super easy to make. At my parents house we always had couple boxes of these plane waffle sheets in the pantry.

This no bake wafer desserts is incredibly easy to make! You basically make the filling and spread it on the wafers. Layer upon layer of crispy wafer sheets slightly soften when they soak up all that delicious filling.

No baking necessary – doesn’t get easier than that!

Unfortunately, most US grocery stores still don’t carry wafer sheets. I’m able to get them at the closest Polish store or on Amazon as well.

Check out this recipe and make your own!


Have you made these before? Which flavor is your favorite? Mine is definitely the one with chocolate filling 😋…




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  1. pam Prophet:

    What a great idea!!!! I want to order these for our next family birthday!!! Thank you for sharing!