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Everything about childhood in Polish! Posted by on Aug 2, 2015 in Phrases

What are your favorite childhood memories? Everyone has some of these…i remember playing with my brothers and cousins “the city”…We barely had any neighbors, because our land was stretching as far as you could see. We grew fruit, mostly apples. My parents, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, we all had huge fruit farms! And we had hundreds of wooden boxes (I guess you can call them bushels) to store fruit…So we used those boxes to build a town! Each one of us, cousins, had our own house. And what’s better to use for building a house, if not wooden boxes? We all competed, whose house will be bigger, more beautiful…We kept “building our homes”, using as many boxes as we could, making stairs, windows, few levels! It was so much fun! And of course…we got in trouble. When the fruit picking time came…some of the boxes were broken, full of toys…


Today I wanted to share some polish words that can be useful when you describe childhood, focusing on the baby stage:)

baby – niemowlę; dziecko
baby boy – chłopczyk, chłopiec
baby carriage – wózek dziecięcy
baby girl – dziewczynka
baby has just begun to talk – dziecko właśnie zaczęło mówić
babyhood – niemowlęctwo; okres niemowlęcy
babyish – dziecinny
bib – śliniaczek
to breast-feed – karmić piersią
Caesarean section – cesarskie cięcie
to change a baby – przewijać niemowlę
child – dziecko
childish – dziecinny
children – dzieci
children from the age of 12 up – dzieci powyżej 12 lat
congratulations on the new arrival – gratulacje z okazji powiększenia rodziny
cradle – kołyska
don’t be a baby! – nie bądź dzieckiem!
to dribble – ślinić się (o dziecku)
dummy – smoczek
expectant mother – przyszła matka
feeding bootle – butelka dla niemowląt
to get pregnant – zajść w ciążę
infancy – niemowlęctwo
infant – niemowlę
labour pains – bóle porodowe
layette – wyprawka niemowlęca
lullaby – kołysanka
maternal – macierzyński
maternity – macierzyństwo
mother-to-be – przyszła matka
motherhood – macierzyństwo
motherly – macierzyński; matczyny
nappy, diaper – pieluszka
nappy rash/diaper rash – odparzenie od pieluszki
natural childbirth – poród naturalny
postnatal – poporodowy
pram, stroller – wózek
pregnancy – ciąża
pregnancy test – test ciążowy
pregnant – w ciąży
pregnant woman – kobieta w ciąży
premature baby – wcześniak
quadruplets – czworaczki
quintuplets – pięcioraczki
rompers – pajacyk
she has no-one to play with – nie ma się z kim bawić
to spank – dawać klapsa; dać klapsa
stuffed toy – pluszowa zabawka
the child is in my care – dziecko jest pod moją opieką
three months pregnant – w trzecim miesiącu ciąży
toy – zabawka
we’re going to have a baby – będziemy mieli dziecko

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