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Finally a boy was born in this Polish village after 10 years! Posted by on May 8, 2020 in Current News

Some of you may remember my post from last year about a small village in Poland, where for the past 10 years only girls have been born.

Most of the people living in the village of Miejsce Odrzańskie are women! And within last 10 years there hasn’t been a boy born to couples who live there.

The village (wioska) came to global attention (globalne zainteresowanie) last year after the unusual series of girl-only births aroused interest in the Polish media when the village sent an all-girl team to a regional volunteer firefighting competition (zawody przeciwpożarowe), an event usually dominated by boys. For all of you who missed the blog, take a look:

Girls rule! This Polish village hasn’t had a boy since 2009!


Well, if you read it, you know that in August 2019, the town’s Mayor promised a surprise award (nagroda niespodzianka) for the next couple to deliver a boy. He was also considering naming a street or an oak tree after him!

Now, 10 months on, the arrival of baby Bartek has sent the village wild!

Proud mother (dumna mama) Anna Milek told local media the birth, which happened on May 2, was a double miracle (podwójny cud) following a life-saving operation for herself.

The birth (narodziny) comes as a huge relief to the small agricultural community with the area suffering from population decline as young women moved away to find partners and start their lives.

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, any big festivities (and you know they will want to celebrate big!) are postponed. However, when they are ready to meet the world, the local district as well as local companies are planning to make a gesture towards the family.

Congratulations to the parents and the whole village of Miejsce Odrzańskie!Gratulacje dla rodziców i całej wsi Miejsce Odrzańskie!

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