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Happy Cat Day! Posted by on Oct 29, 2020 in Culture

Today is a national cat day (Dzień kota) and it is the purrfect day to talk about these amazing animals! Poland celebrates cat day as well, although it is not until February 17th.

Shelters (schroniska) are full of cats and kittens in need of forever homes. Awareness days such as Cat Day urge pet lovers to adopt from local shelters. The day also reminds us that neutering and spaying our furry friends helps reduce the abandoned population.

Poland is home to countless cat lovers! Just like everywhere else in the world, Poles love their fluffy pets, take them into their homes, but they also open cat cafes, paint cat-themed murals and even erect monuments to cats!

*Księgarnia Eureka ul Francuska 15 Warszawa, Poland. The darker color cat is Czak and lighter one is Cezar:)

One of the cool places I found is a bookstore called Eureka, located in the district of Saska Kępa, Warsaw. Visitors are greeted by a sign announcing that they’ve entered the domain of Czak and Cezar. These two are impossible to forget.  It’s quite clear that they consider themselves to be the true proprietors of Eureka. The two cats nap among the books, on the tables, climb up the shelves and even allow shoppers to pet them sometimes. You can also find some fun, cat related signs and gadgets in there.

*Księgarnia Eureka ul Francuska 15 Warszawa, Poland. Cats are guarding this place!

*Księgarnia Eureka ul Francuska 15 Warszawa, Poland

*All pictures are curtesy Księgarnia Eureka. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us!

Another interesting place for cat lovers is Kocia Kawiarnia in Kraków. Cat Cafe Kociarnia is a wonderful place, in which you can drink delicious coffee and try home baked cakes, while playing and spending time with some friendly cats. You are also able to adopt some of the cats in there!

Expressions of love for cats can also be found out in the streets of Poland. The cat murals of the artist Mariusz Bartoszewski, created under the pseudonym of “Skucha”, can be seen on various street corners across Poland. One of his best works, in the artist’s own opinion, is located on Warsaw’s Osowska street (Cat and frog mural, 34 Osowska street, Warsaw).

There are also some monuments dedicated to cats in Poland! For ten years, Dante the Cat lived in an antique bookshop in Wrocław. The name of the fluffy creature was not chosen at random, for most of the time, the cat would sleep on a copy of The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

The cat would spend his days gazing at passers-by through the shop window, often sitting on a table and greeting customers. Dante even received the honour of being named Wrocław’s most popular cat! How awesome! A year after his death, in 2015, a statue of Dante was erected on the shop’s windowsill. Now, everyone can stroke Dante’s back and make a wish.

As you see, Poland is a country where people love cats! These are just few examples.

Please let su know if you visited or saw any of these places!

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  1. Nicole Weeks-Boyers:

    My grandmother called me “kocia matka” growing up. I love remembering all these great memories growing up when I read your posts.