Has anyone seen The Waterfall Castle in Poland? Posted by on Jul 28, 2014 in Places to visit

While researching different websites about beautiful places to visit in Poland (the ones I have not had a chance to see yet, even after living in Poland for 20 years), a beautiful picture of this amazing fairy tale castle comes up…It features a stone castle gracefully caressed by gently falling water. Ancient yet immaculate. Manmade but also one with nature. The image appeals to our sense of adventure, our need to embrace history and our desire to be humbled by nature. So tantalizing close, yet almost impractically far for those who cannot afford to spend their vacation scouring the Polish countryside for this famed castle.

Image by Hase don on

Image by Hase don on

Is the place real though…? There can be no information found about this amazing place…What if we were to seriously consider a trip to the Waterfall Castle? Where is the closest airport? How long would it take to get there? What is the cost of admission? Considering that the Internet is full of travel sites offering reviews, advice and tips, it should be easy to research such a narrowly focused vacation. There does not seem to be a single tour company or travel guide eager to tempt you into spending a day or two of your European vacation experiencing the majesty of such a unique landmark. Also, there are not any reviews by tourists who have already lived the dream and are dying to go back one day. Nor are there any postcards, video clips or images taken of this photogenic masterpiece from other angles. Just this picture (although I have seen few different pictures, with slight differences between each other) of the fleeting castle as though the photographer was the only one lucky enough to witness it and return alive to share her amazing find.

Also, like I mentioned, looking at different pictures, there seems to be slightly different building/castle on each one of them, but still surrounded by the same nature around…

I personally doubt that this place really exists…but I may be wrong! So, if any one of you ever visited it – please let us know! We would love to hear about it and find out more informations:)

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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  1. Joy @MyTravelingJoys:

    Czesc! I also discovered this Polish “castle” awhile back on Pinterest, and I’m pretty sure the photo has been Photoshopped extensively. 🙁

  2. Tim funn:

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. They used a photo of a church in Budapest for the castle. Here’s more information…

  3. Ralf:

    Has anyone seen this “Waterfall Castle in Poland”?
    Guaranteed no one.

    This beautiful photo montage was created by Krzysztof Krzemien (Inspektor02) from Poland. He writes: “It`s no model. Castle was made from Park Eftelig in Nederland.”

    More beautiful works of him can be found here.

  4. Marco:

    Ralf is right. It’s a castle in the themepark Efteling in the Netherlands. It’s from an attraction based on the fairytale called “Het meisje met de zwavelstokjes” (The little match girl), and it is designed by Michel den Dulk.
    Here you can read about the design, and there are also blueprints and construction photos of the castle:

  5. demigod:

    The Polish cleaning women at my job all says this place does exist and several has visited. I showed them the pictures before i found this forum. Our would break my heart of this was fake! Lol

  6. Grazyna:

    this photo is wonderful pohotshot. This place isn’t in Poland I think it is anywhere inthe World. I see this photo so often and I see they belive that this place is in Poland. To visit the castles is my weakness and I’m sure to know this place. Anyway wonderful photoshot


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