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Grading system in Poland is slightly different than here, in USA. I really started noticing differences once my older daughter started school last year.

Here is how grading system looks like in Poland:

The most commonly used system is using numbers!

6   Celujący (Excellent)  A+

5   Bardzo Dobry (Very Good) A

4+  Dobry plus (Fairly Good) B+

4  Dobry (Good) B

3+ Dostateczny Plus (Satisfactory Plus) C+

3  Dostateczny (Satisfactory) C

2+ Dopuszczający/Mierny plus (Passing) D+

2 Dopuszczający/Mierny (Passing) D

1 Niedostateczny (Unsatisfactory) F


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Grades (especially expressed numerically) might be suffixed with + (plus) or – (minus). On rare occasions the = (double minus) is used, especially as 2= to express the very lowest passing grade.

Before 1990, grades 1 and 6 were not used (I remember 2-5 grading from the early years of school and then when it changed to 1-6). It was the grade 2 that was called “insufficient”. 3=, also called trzy na szynach was the very lowest passing grade. The grade 6 might have been issued on very rare occasions (e.g. for “making the teacher speechless”).

Degrees granted in Poland:

Bachelor (BA, Licencjat)
Obtained following the completion of 3-3,5 year-long vocational/technical college studies

Bachelor (BSc, Inżynier)
Obtained following the completion of 3,5-4 year-long college studies in technical sciences, agriculture and economy.

Master (MA, MSc, Magister)
Equivalent degrees: Master of Art, Master Engineer, Master Engineer Architect, qualified physician, dental surgeon or veterinarian. Granted following the completion of 5-6 year long uniform university studies. The MSc may also be obtained following the completion of 2-2,5 years-long supplementary mater’s degree studies which may be taken by persons with a college diploma.

Doktor (PhD, Doktor)
A degree awarded to those who pass doctoral exam and successfully defend dissertation. To qualify for the academic degree of doctor one must hold a master or equivalent degree.

As for recognition of diplomas, all the regulations regarding the validation of diplomas, and a list of countries which have signed an agreement of mutual recognition of diplomas with Poland, are available on the webpage of the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange  (


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