Odlatują ptaki – Polish poem about Autumn Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 in Literature, Phrases, Poetry

Fall is here;) Before we know it winter will arrive…and here in New Hampshire we are definitely hoping for a lot of snow. But what happens before winter comes…birds fly away to warm places! Artur Oppman’s poem “Ptaki odlatują” is a perfect way to describe this time of the year!


“Odlatują ptaki”

Artur Oppman

Liść pożółkły spada z drzewa
chłodny wietrzyk wieje
chór ptaszęcy już nie śpiewa
ścichły lasy, knieje.

Yellowed leaf falls from the tree
cool breeze blows
bird’s choir no longer sings
died away forests and woods.

Słonko bladsze rankiem wstaje
na niebieskie szlaki.
Posmutniały nasze gaje –
– odlatują ptaki.

Paler sun rises in the morning
on blue trails.
Saddened our groves –
– The birds fly away.

Już gromadką mkną bociany
w niebieskie przestworze.
Lecą kędyś w kraj nieznany
za dziesiąte morze.

Already a crowd of storks flies
in the blue expanse.
Flying from somewhere in a unknown country
for the tenth sea.

Puste gniazda zostawiły
nad wieśniaczą strzechą.
Ich znajomy klekot miły
niesie z wiatrem echo.

Empty slots they left
over the peasant thatched roof.
Their familiar clatter pleasant
the wind carries the echo.

Happy Fall!

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  1. Sandi:

    I would so like you to make me fluent again…….60 now……I used to be fluent in Polish, German and Russian………as my elders died, no one spoke anymore……..and I remember only bits and pieces………

  2. Kris Lange:

    Sandi, I’m in the same boat. I[‘m 68 and as I learned English as a child, my grandmother made sure I knew Polish. She died in 1991 and I am so happy to have discovered this site! I still remember a song she taught me when I was in grade school called “Moja Babulenka” which I still sing to myself! Dzien dobry!