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There is no denying it…the world is panicking because of the coronavirus (korona wirus). The anxiety now gripping the world is extremely challenging…There’s no longer an illusion that the contagion can be contained. And this is only the beginning. The signs of alarm are everywhere, both big and small.

So what are all countries doing to prevent spreading this horrible new virus? The European Union (EU) has raised the risk (ryzyko) level from moderate to high, warning that every country needs to prepare for the outbreak. Schools are suspended, public spaces like swimming pools or parks are closed, and major events closed to reduce the risk of infection. People are advised to stay away from big gatherings and work from home, if possible.

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Poland is not an exception. Although definitely numbers are low (as of today 47 people confirmed infected and no deaths), Poland is definitely taking it seriously (poważnie).

Looking at how fast the virus (wirus) spreads in some other European countries, the government decided to take the preventive action (podjąć działania zapobiegawcze). Poland is closing all schools, universities, cinemas, theaters and museums for two weeks from Thursday to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, government representatives announced today. Speaking at a joint conference following a special meeting on coronavirus, the ministers said that pre-schools and schools would stop teaching on Thursday, but limited care would still be provided this week to the youngest children.

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“There is no epidemiological threat (zagrożenie epidemiologicznein schools, we are just trying to prevent (the virus from spreading),” Health Minister Łukasz Szumowski told the same conference. He said that children should stay at home and refrain from using public transport.

Keeping kids from school of course takes a strain on working parents. To ease that, Polish government introduces benefit  (zasiłek) to help parents stay with children and work from home. Both mums and dads are eligible for the carer benefit (right now it is for a period of 14 days closing of schools, but may be extended if needed).

Lets hope for the best…for everyone and everywhere.


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