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Saying “Kto pyta, nie błądzi” has been used in Poland for a long time. It means that if you ask, you will not get lost. Don’t be afraid of asking questions, that way you can use someone else’s knowledge and not make mistakes. Jan Brzechwa’s poem “Staś Pytalski” is about a little boy who asks a lot of questions. It’s very cute and shows just how curious kids are:)


Staś Pytalski

Na ulicy Trybunalskiej
Mieszka sobie Staś Pytalski,
Co gdy tylko się obudzi,
Pytaniami dręczy ludzi.
W którym miejscu zaczyna się kula?
Co na deser gotują dla króla?
Ile kroków jest stąd do Powiśla?
O czym myślałby stół, gdyby myślał?
Czy lenistwo na łokcie się mierzy?
Skąd wiadomo, że Jurek to Jerzy?
Kto powiedział, że kury są głupie?
Ile much może zmieścić się w zupie?
Na co łysym potrzebna łysina?
Kto indykom guziki zapina?

Dziadek już od roku siedzi
I obmyśla odpowiedzi,
Babka jakiś czas myślała,
Ale wkrótce osiwiała,
Matka wpadła w stan nerwowy
I musiała zażyć bromu,
Ojciec zaś poszedł po rozum do głowy
I kiedy powróci – nie wiadomo.

“Staś who asks”

On the Trybunalska Street
Lives the boy that everyone can meet
His name is Staś
As soon as he wakes up
Torments people with his questions

Where does the Earth begin?
What do they cook for the king?
How long does it take from here to Powiśle?
What would the table think, if it could?
Can sloth be measured in ell?
Is George to Jurek parallel?
Who claims that hens are silly?
Can a fly swim in the tea freely?
Why a bald man need a bald head?
Who’s doing the turkeys buttons up?

Grandfather has been sitting for a year now
And trying to get responses ,
Grandmother thought for a while ,
But soon she turned gray ,
The mother fell into a state of nervous
I had to take a bromine ,
Father went to look for a brain in the head
And when he comes back – is not known.


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  1. Edward Pindral:

    I’m relearning polish, my understanding of the translation “KTO PYTA” is “WHO ASKS” not “If you ask”, also watching a Polish film called PSY the subtitles had it as PIGS.