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Leap year birthdays! Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in Calendar, Culture, Current News, Geography, History, Kids

Happy Leap Day! February 29 is a rare day. That’s because February normally has 28 days. Not this year! This year we get an extra day in February! Leap years occur every four years, so the last one was in 2008. Leap year – rok przestępny.

What happens if you’re born on February 29? Can you still celebrate every year?  (nadal  świętujesz co roku?) How do you celebrate? (Jak świętujesz?) When do you celebrate? (Kiedy  świętujesz?)

I asked few of my friends (either them or their kids have birthdays on February 29th).

Couple of them all agreed that being born on February 29 makes them feel special (sprawia, że ​​czują się specjalnie). One girl says that it used to bother her when kids teased her about her birthday.Sometimes kids make comments such as “You’re only 3 years old!”  Now that she’s 12 years old, however, she says she’s over that. “I’m appreciating my birthday more now,” she says.

Michael figures that someday his weird birthday will work to his advantage. In the year 2040, for example, when all his friends are turning 40, he could say that he was turning 11 years old. “I like being born on the 29th,” he says.

When it’s not a leap year, some of them celebrate their birthdays on February 28. They say they prefer keeping their birthdays in the same month every year. Others celebrate on March 1st.

There are 365 days in most years. That’s because that’s about how long it takes for the Earth to revolve, or go, around the sun. The problem is, the revolution actually takes Earth 365 days plus six hours, 9 minutes and 9.7 seconds. If we didn’t add an extra day every four years, in 100 years, we would be about 24 days ahead of where we should be, and instead of heading to the beach in the heat of the summer,kids would be heading back to school.

Who thought of this? Kto pomyślał o tym?

The calendar, something that we need and use so much today, was invented thousands of years ago as a way of keeping track of time. It has changed here and there. In 46 B.C. the Roman emperor Julius Caesar added an extra day to February every four years, and the leap year was born.

Any of you have birthday today? Let us know what your thought are!

Happy birthday!

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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