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Train chaos for Euro 2012 Posted by on Feb 28, 2012 in Countries, Culture, Current News, Geography, Investments, Transport, travel

Poland’s rail network faces potential chaos during the upcoming Euro 2012 football tournament with workers threatening to go on strike over the proposed privatisation of both PKP Cargo and TK Telekom.

The companies have made the threat due to fears that Poland’s Transport Minister Sławomir Nowak has failed to state whether previous promises made by former Infrastructure Minister Cezary Grabarczyk regarding both bonuses and a guarantee of future employment will be upheld.

“Contracts regarding these issues relating to PKP Cargo and TK Telekom were in fact drawn up,” states Henryk Grymel the Chairman of the Solidarity Workers Union in Gazeta Prawna. “However, PKP has so far refused to sign them.”

“We now demand a pact by end of February, otherwise we will be organising a picket line in front of the Transports Ministry on March 10,” he adds.

“If this fails, then they might want to look at organising big screens inside Poland’s railway stations, as the trains will not be running.”

Euro 2012 starts in June, so there is not too much time left…Hopefully everything will go smoothly, because it is going to be busy period in Poland:)

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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