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Let’s go paddle boarding! Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Nature, Vocabulary

The fast-growing sport of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a fun, easy way to go play on the water. With a minimum of equipment, you can paddle anything from ocean surf to lakes and rivers—no waves required.

Paddleboarding (“połączenie deski surfingowej z wiosłem” – there is really no translation for this word in Polish, so this is as close as I could get: surf board with paddle) offers an amazing full body workout (pełny trening ciała) and is becoming a favorite cross-training activity for skiers, snowboarders and other athletes. And since you’re standing at your full height, you’ll enjoy excellent views of everything from sea creatures to what’s on the horizon. It’s almost like walking on water!

You need just a few key pieces of equipment to enjoy this sport:

Stand up paddleboard (deska): This is by far your most significant gear investment. Sizes are based on the paddler’s weight and experience. More experienced and lighter paddlers can choose narrower boards. Novice paddlers should choose wider, flatter boards, which offer more stability.

Paddle (wiosło): Stand up paddles have an angle or “elbow” in the shaft for maximum efficiency. Choose a paddle that’s roughly 6” to 8” taller than you are (though some manufacturers recommend an 8” to 10” differential).

PFD (Personal Flotation Device) (Osobisty sprzęt ratunkowy, kamizelka ratunkowa): The U.S. Coast Guard classifies stand up paddleboards as vessels, so always wear a PFD whenever you’re paddling navigable water.

Proper clothing (odpowiednie ubranie): For cold conditions where hypothermia is a concern, wear a wetsuit (kombinezon wodny) or dry suit. In milder conditions, wear shorts (spodenki) and a T-shirt (koszulka) or bathing suit (kostium kąpielowy)—something that moves with you and can get wet.

Sun protection: Wear sunscreen (krem przeciwsłoneczny) and sunglasses (okulary przeciwsłoneczne).

It is really a lot of fun and if you are into water sports – you should definitely try it! We take our 2.5 years old daughter with us all the time. She sits in the front of the board and she absolutely loves it! I see people with dogs on the as well:)

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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My name is Kasia Scontsas. I grew near Lublin, Poland and moved to Warsaw to study International Business. I have passion for languages: any languages! Currently I live in New Hampshire. I enjoy skiing, kayaking, biking and paddle boarding. My husband speaks a little Polish, but our daughters are fluent in it! I wanted to make sure that they can communicate with their Polish relatives in our native language. Teaching them Polish since they were born was the best thing I could have given them! I have been writing about learning Polish language and culture for Transparent Language’s Polish Blog since 2010.


  1. Catalina:

    Hi Kasia, thanks for your blog.
    I’m from Chile and I also paddle board, I have my own equipment. I’m planning a trip to Europe, probably will spend a week or so in Poland, where would you recommend to go?
    Many thanks


    • Nils Eirik Jevne:

      @Catalina I think you should go to Jastrzebia Gora with the fantastic sandy beaches. Just one hour by car from Gdansk.