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People might not equate the country of Poland with pizza very often, but the surprising truth is that pizza is quite popular in that nation today.

You can find Domino’s or Pizza Hut in Poland…but there are a lot of great places, with unique, home made pizza recipes, that you should visit. You can find a lot of places like this in most of the cities, but especially in Warsaw and Kraków!

Check out some of the trip advisor places to try pizza here.

My mother used to make pizza quite often! And it was nothing like pizza I’m used to have here in US…

She used to make pretty thick and puffy crust (she used brownie like deep baking pan, so it was almost like pizza cake) …and added whatever we wanted to it! It was super yummy. And one very interesting thing about pizza in Poland….(I bet all of you that had pizza in Poland will know what I’m talking about) is that almost everyone puts ketchup on their pizza!!! My husband couldn’t believe it…:) If you order a slice of pizza at the street stand/food truck…make sure you will ask for no ketchup (if you don’t like it), because most likely you will get one with ketchup on it!

Polish open-face sandwiches (also known as French-bread pizzas) are popular street food in the bigger cities of Poland. They’re known as zapiekanki (plural) or zapiekanka  (singular). Zapiekanka comes from zapiekać, which means “to bake,” and is the culinary term for a casserole.

Most zapiekanki sandwiches start with French bread, sauteed mushrooms, cheese and ketchup, but there are Hawaiian-style zapiekanki with pineapple, and Greek style with olives and feta cheese. Of course, the beverage of choice with a zapiekanka is Polish piwo (beer)!



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