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Autumn in Poland begins in September and since it is preceded by summer, it is usually still a little bit warm and sunny at the beginning. But this is short lived as it gradually turns colder and foggy by November. There is something about autumn in Poland with landscapes beautifully adorned with falling, colorful leaves that it gained its reputation as the famous “Polish golden autumn.” They say that there is no better season than this to come to see Polish mountains. The views are stunningly beautiful during autumn here.

Today I have a beautiful poem about November by Jan Brzechwa for you:


Jan Brzechwa

Złote, żółte i czerwone 

       Opadają liście z drzew, 

Zwiędłe liście w obcą stronę 

       Pozanosił wiatru wiew.

Gold, yellow and red

Leaves ar falling from the trees

Wilted leaves are everywhere

Moved by a breath of wind

Nasza chata niebogata, 

       Wiatr przewiewa ją na wskroś, 

I przelata i kołata, 

       Jakby do drzwi pukał ktoś. 

Our cottage is not rich,

        Wind whiff of it throughout.

And going through and makes noise,

        As if someone was knocking on the door.

W mokrych cieniach listopada 

       Może ktoś zabłąkał się? 

Nie, to tylko pies ujada. 

       Pomyśl także i o psie.

In wet shadows of November

        Maybe someone is lost?

No, it’s just a barking dog.

        Think also about the dog.

Strach na wróble wiatru słucha, 

       Sam się boi biedny strach, 

Dmucha plucha-zawierucha, 

       Całe szyby stoją w łzach. 

Scarecrow is listening to the wind,

        He is afraid by himself,

Blow slob-turmoil,

        All the windows are standing in tears.

Jakiś wątły wóz na szosie 

       Ugrzązł w błocie aż po oś, 

Skrzypią, jęczą w deszczu osie, 

       Jakby właśnie płakał ktoś. 

A frail car on the highway

        Stuck in the mud up to the axle.

Creak, they groan in the rain axles,

        As if someone was crying.

Mgły na polach, ciemność w lesie, 

       Drga jesieni smutny ton, 

Przyjdzie wieczór i przyniesie 

       Sny i mgły, i stada wron. 

Mists in the fields, the darkness of the forest,

        Twitches autumn sad tone,

Come evening and will bring

        Dreams and fog, and a flock of crows.

Wyjść się nie chce spod kożucha, 

       Blady promyk światła zgasł, 

Dmucha plucha-zawierucha, 

       Zimno, ciemno, spać już czas.

We do not want to get out from under the coat,

        Pale glimmer of light faded,

Blow slob-turmoil,

        Cold, dark, it’s time to sleep.

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  1. Anna:

    Thank you, this reminds me of listopad in Lublin…. and thank you for your blog – atage 48 iI’m still trying to improve my polish. 🙂

    • Kasia:

      @Anna Thank you Anna! I grew up pretty close to Lublin:)