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If you are a mom, or dad, with little kids, you know this feeling when you show up with your kids in public places. Not everywhere, but there are some places where everyone gives you this look, that just says :”oh no, not kids again…!”

It is really frustrating…kids are just kids and some of them behave really well…some of them have little hard time with it. I remember an 8 hour flight to Europe with my then 6 months old daughter. The moment we took our seats, people next to us started giving us dirty looks. Our daughter was so good, she played and laughed a little and within 1 hour she was asleep…for the rest of the flight. At the end of the trip people started smiling and saying”what a good baby”. But we still remembered their faces at the beginning.

Well, the reason I mentioned it, is because I love kid friendly places, when people actually are nice and treat kids like real human beings!

I recently found a place like that on line. I’m planning a little vacation in Poland soon, so hopefully I will be able to visit the place and enjoy it.

It is called Mama Mia Cafe. It is located in Warsaw, pretty close to Natolin subway stop. Website looks great!

Kids friendly cafe, where you can relax, get some snacks, sweets or light, healthy lunch. There is a great place for kids to play and parents can relax drinking coffee at the same time. They have very nice, quiet place for nursing moms. Place looks very clean, with eco friendly toys.

You can also do some shopping there:toys, gifts like: jewelry, arts, books, stationery, handbags…

They organize different nights with music, games and development workshops for kids and parents.

At the cafe there is also a special menu available for nursing moms!

Here is their website (unfortunately right now only in Polish):

They are opened Monday-Friday 10am-8pm and on Saturdays and Sundays 12pm-8pm.

You can also organize your child’s birthday there:)

Can’t wait to see it on my own! Have anyone been there?

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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  1. John:

    I used Google translate which translate the whole web page into English. It does a very good job. Here is one section of the page translated instantaneously:
    Mama Mia Cafe

    Mama Mia was initiated by us.
    because of the children and for children.
    For Men and Women.

    Mama Mia Cafe was created for you and for us, from the heart and willingness to share their experiences of motherhood. We want to create a climate in which they intermingled two worlds together child and adult. Children’s energy and willingness to self-development, while relaxing over coffee and cakes, some of our proposals to fill the world of small and large.

    Mama Mia was arranged so that parents and children can indulge in their pleasures nieskrępowanie. For children we have a play area – a place of carefree fun of our children. Parents at this time can enjoy the taste and aroma of hot chocolate, or try other pastries or light snacks. We have a cozy corner with a comfortable seat for mom nursing and many more other facilities for parents with children.

  2. M:

    This is a gerat tip. I hate eating out (to be honest going out in general) with my Son in Poland – even in Warsaw because the attitude to kids is like it was in the UK 20 years ago.

    If you want another not so healthy place for kids in Warsaw there is a place called kolorado on stanisslawa konarskiego. It’s an indoor play area with slides and ball ponds and everything. It’s great fun and good for even new toddlers (My son who had only just started walking had a great time) and they have staff who speak English if you need them too.