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No housework today and enjoy some cold Polish beer instead! Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

Today it’s National Beer Day (Narodowy Dzień Piwa)…and also National No Housework Day (Narodowy Dzień Bez Prac Domowych) – a match made in heaven:) ! 7 was always my lucky number! While this “special day” is not celebrated in Poland, I bet lot’s of Poles would be excited to have this “holiday” in their calendar!

Myself enjoying Polish beer…and some Polish food!

So why National Beer Day is celebrated on April 7th in USA?  On April 7, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer, in the United States, as long as it remained below 4.0% alcohol by volume.

Roosevelt made his famous remark upon signing the legislation: “I think this would be a good time for a beer,” noting the end to the nation’s 13-year-long dry spell.

Celebrate with a pint of pale ale, lager, stout, wheat beer or pale ale. Grab a beer and spend some time with friends. And remember, always to drink responsibly and never drink and drive (Zawsze pij odpowiedzialnie i nigdy nie wsiadaj za kierownicę po alkoholu)!

Now, on the top of enjoying beer today, you are not really suppose to do any housework! Yahoo! No Housework Day is your chance to let all the mess slide and let tomorrows dishes worry about themselves! What to do? Do whatever you want that does not involve the housework. No washing dishes, no folding laundry, no even putting laundry away! Just let it all go and don’t get frustrated. Instead, pour yourself a glass of wine/beer (or just drink from the bottle if none are clean, NO HOUSE WORK) and give yourself a day of leisure (daj sobie dzień wolnego czasu).

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