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Prima Aprilis in Poland, April Fools’ Day Posted by on Mar 31, 2017 in Phrases


There’s this special day once in a year when you need to watch yourself and constantly make sure you don’t get pranked. Who knows, maybe in some cases you can’t even trust yourself as during this particular day almost anything is possible!

April Fools’ Day is called as Prima Aprillis in Poland. It is celebrated on April 1st. The traditions and the customs are followed as same as other countries. It is a day full of jokes and fun for the people of Poland. They plan for huge hoax stories to fool the media, public institutions and government by fooling them until the situation gets more serious. People love to play pranks on their friends, relatives and also on strangers.

And now couple Prima Aprilis poems in both Polish and English!


Cieślik Lucyna

“Prima Aprilis”

Dziś niewinne kłamstwa bo pora kwietniowa 

i kolejna szansa prima aprilisowa 

co roku pierwszego mówimy kłamstewka 

w tym nie ma nic złego bo to stara śpiewka 

Today innocent lies because April season

And another chance of April Fools’

Every year on the 1st we lie

There is nothing wrong with that because it’s an old song

że plama na nosie bluzeczka porwana 

wszystkiego po trosze oszustwa od rana 

co prawda tradycja od pokoleń znana 

dziś może niemodna trochę zapomniana 

That stain on the nose, ripped shirt

Everything a little deceit from morning

It is true that tradition has been known for generations

Today may be a little forgotten and not popular

lecz przypomnieć warto ten obyczaj stary 

przyślijcie mi kłamstwo ja to podam dalej 

i swoim znajomym gdy przyjdzie pokusa 

ranka kwietniowego uczynię psikusa

But remember this old custom

Send me a lie and  I’ll keep it going

And my friends, when temptation comes

In the morning of April 1st will make a prank

Rzuchowska Tamara

“Prima Aprilis”

Pierwszego kwietnia, 

w ten dzień z kalendarza 

nikt za żarciki 

nie ma prawa się obrażać. 

On the first of April,

On this day of the calendar

No one about jokes

Has the right to get mad

Dzień słynny z figli, 

psot i kawałów, 

raj dziś na ziemi 

dla sowizdrzałów,

A famous day with tricks,

Mischiefs and jokes,

Paradise today on earth

For the pranksters,

co łatkę przypiąć 

potrafią wszystkim 

radosnym figlem, 

żarcikiem bystrym.

What patch to stick

They can to all

A cheerful joke,

With a sharp smile.

Dziś królują 

tradycyjnie prawdziwe 

takie żarty pół żartem, 


takie psoty śmiesznoty, 


Today they rule

Traditionally true

Such jokes half joke,


Such mischief of ridicule,

Not malicious

Ja tez zrobię kawał 

mojej drugiej połowie, 

to wesoły facet 

pewnie żartem mi odpowie… 

I will also play a joke

On my other half,

He is such a cheerful guy

Probably jokingly will answer me …

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