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“Okulary” by Julian Tuwim Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is probably one of the most popular poems kids hear in Poland! It’s by great Polish writer Julian Tuwim. I still remember it and my daughter knows it really well! Here is the translation and video with pronunciation:


Biega, krzyczy pan Hilary:

« Gdzie są moje okulary? »

Szuka w spodniach i w surducie,

W prawym bucie, w lewym bucie.

Wszystko w szafach poprzewracał,

Maca szlafrok, palto maca.

« Skandal! – krzyczy – nie do wiary!

Ktoś mi ukradł okulary! »

Pod kanapą, na kanapie,

Wszędzie szuka, parska, sapie!

Szuka w piecu i w kominie,

W mysiej dziurze i w pianinie.

Już podłogę chce odrywać,

Już policję zaczął wzywać.

Nagle zerknął do lusterka…

Nie chce wierzyć… Znowu zerka.

Znalazł! Są! Okazało się,

Że je ma na własnym nosie.



Mister Hilary runs and screams:

“Where on Earth could my glasses be?”

He checks in his pants and in his frock,

In his shoes, and in his socks.

Closet? Upturned, in a sorry shape,

He pats his robe, already patted his cape.

“A scandal!” he yells, “it’s beyond belief!

To have my glasses—stolen by a thief!”

Under the couch, on top of the seat,

Everywhere he pries: wheezing, beat.

He looks in the oven, and up the chimney,

In mouse holes and between piano keys.

He’ll rip up the floor, piece by piece,

Already he wants to call the police.

Then suddenly he peeks into the mirror…

He can’t believe it… He draws nearer.

Eureka! Though who would ever suppose,

His glasses are on his very own nose.

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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  1. Patrick:

    This was one of the best recent posts, thanks! It’s perfect material for learning and practicing Polish.

  2. Wanda:

    This was a poem I learnt at Polish School over 50 years ago!!!
    I still remember the first half and of course the ending!!’ A great poem for children!!!

  3. Agnieska:

    Wow. Great work with the translation.
    This is also one of my favourite Polish nursery rhymes.

    That’s a really good job on the translation in making it also have a rhyme – was that your own work?