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Planning a trip Posted by on Sep 30, 2011 in Languages, Places to visit, Transport, travel, Vacation

Some trips are scrimped and saved for, and others can be spontaneous and exciting. All trips are meant for adventure, relaxation and enjoyment. By planning well, you can ensure you that you and your family can enjoy a hassle-free trip!

While planning a trip you have to reserve a ticket, book a hotel, choose places you want to see. Hopefully this blog will make it easier for you.

I’m including some vocabulary and sentences, as well as a video with pronunciation.

Holiday, vacation –wakacje, urlop

Identity card – dowód osobisty

Passport – paszport

Car – samochód

Bus – bus

Train – pociąg

Plane – samolot

Bus stop – przystanek autobusowy

Railway Station – stacja kolejowa

Airport – lotnisko

Ticket – bilet

Reduced ticket – bilet ulgowy

Two way ticket, round trip ticket – bilet w dwie strony

Second class ticket – bilet na drugą klasę

Business class – klasa biznesowa

Economy class – klasa ekonomiczna

Window seat – siedzenie przy oknie

Aisle seat – siedzenie przy korytarzu

Map – mapa

Would prefer – wolałbym, preferowałbym

Museum – muzeum

Exhibition – wystawa

Monument – pomnik, zabytek

Concert – koncert

Bag – bagaż

Suntain oil – olejek do opalania

Towel – ręcznik

I would like to buy a reduced second class ticket – chciałbym (m)/chciałabym (f) kupić bilet ulgowy na drugą klasę 

I would prefer – wolałbym(m)/wolałabym (f), preferowałbym (m)/preferowałabym (f)

I would prefer an economy class ticket – wolałbym (m)/wolałabym (f) bilet w klasie ekonomicznej

My dates are flexible – moje daty są elastyczne

I would like to book my hotel as well –  chciałbym (m)/chciałabym (f) także zarezerwować hotel

I need a room with two beds – potrzebuję pokój z dwoma łóżkami

Is the breakfast included in the price – czy śniadanie jest wliczone w cenę?

I will also need a car rental for the whole week – potrzebuję także wynająć samochód na cały tydzień

Will my room have internet access? – Czy mój pokój będzie miał dostęp do internetu?

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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About the Author: Kasia

My name is Kasia Scontsas. I grew up in Lublin, Poland and moved to Warsaw to study International Business. I have passion for languages: any languages! Currently I live in New Hampshire. I enjoy skiing, kayaking, biking and paddle boarding. My husband speaks a little Polish, but our daughters are fluent in it! I wanted to make sure that they can communicate with their Polish relatives in our native language. Teaching them Polish since they were born was the best thing I could have given them! I have been writing about learning Polish language and culture for Transparent Language’s Polish Blog since 2010.


  1. Bob @ HealthyMeansYou:

    Those are some great tips.
    Thanks a lot Kasia!!

  2. Thomas:

    Keep up the good work! You help me to understand Poland, Polish culture, and
    “po polsku”. Thanks.

  3. Magda Nadolny:

    Thank you for the help. best regards magda

  4. Mary Zurawski:

    Thank you for all of your good information.

  5. Henryk:

    I hope that these hints might help when I tour Poland later this year.