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Remembering Polish Pope John Paul:) Posted by on Nov 8, 2013 in Culture, Religion

Recently I was going through some pictures and talking to my daughter about Polish Pope John Paul II (Jan Paweł II). He was a wonderful person and I think all Poles are so proud of him!

Our Polish pope changed the papacy in many ways – he was charismatic and spiritual leader, but also a very warm and down to earth person. He wrote books and poems – but he also worked physically as a young men and liked sport. His many interests helped him to understand people with different backgrounds and cultures better than anybody else. This pope did not do anything because he wanted to please the press, public opinion or poll, he did it because of conviction.

He would be the most known for the pilgrimages around the world. He visited people everywhere he could – Catholics and non-Catholics bringing the message of faith and hope.

The pope also denounced the world poverty. He criticized the rich countries for not doing enough to help the poor.


That is me with Pope, just about 18 years ago…

I was so fortunate to meet him, talk to him and be touched by him… I come from Catholic family and go to church here in USA. Although I don’t go every week, church and God are very important to me. On my first trip to Italy ( I was probably 15…) I got to see Pope John Paul. I was able to exchange few sentences with him and he touched my face…yes, he did. Some of you will say: “So what, big deal?”. It actually was a huge deal…I have never felt like that before…While waiting inside the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican, we were all excited, hoping we will see our Polish Pope, at least from far away…What a surprise it was when he opened the door directly in front of us (I was there with a group of high school friends). All of the sudden I had tears in my eyes…and butterflies in my belly. We were the first people he came close to and I was so lucky to be a person he asked couple questions, held my hand and touched my cheek. His skin was very soft and delicate, like baby’s skin…He was very nice and paid attention to everything I said…I will never forget this day:)

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

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