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Czytać – To read or not to read? Posted by on Jun 28, 2010

The verb czytać and its conjugation. A good verb to learn a basis for conjugation of several Polish verbs that end in -ać. As with many rules though, there are exceptions.

Talking About Travel Posted by on Mar 12, 2010

Adam’s last post about different vacation options in Poland made me think about travel in general. Podróże (travels, journeys, trips) is a plural noun. Singular – podróż (feminine). And podróżować (to travel) is the verb we need here. So, what do you call a person that travels? Podróżnik, but that implies someone who travels seeking…

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Future Tense of Perfective and Imperfective Verbs Posted by on Aug 14, 2009

One of you (once again, I can always count on you, my fab readers!) wanted to know more about this whole verb aspect issue. More specifically, how to tell whether a verb is perfective or imperfective by looking at its future tense form. And finally, this is one thing that is actually very simple, easy…

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Verb Aspect – one more time Posted by on Jul 28, 2009

Agnieszka left a comment asking for help with explaining the difference between pomóc and pomagać (to help), and prosić and poprosić (to ask). And when a reader asks – I dig out my fat Swan’s “Polish Grammar” book and get cranking. We’ve talked about this verb aspect thingie before. Because that’s what it’s called –…

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Even More Perfective and Imperfective Goodness Posted by on Jan 20, 2009

Yes, I am still enjoying myself in Antigua and Barbuda. But I couldn’t just go away and leave you without a new post. So, I thought we might as well continue with the perfective and imperfective stuff. It’s always a pain to learn, and I’m pretty sure we could keep talking about for the next…

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Adverbs and Aspect Posted by on Jan 16, 2009

When you read this post I’ll be most likely sitting on a ferry going from Antigua to Barbuda. Oh yeah! But I couldn’t just go on vacation and leave you here with nothing to read, now could I? So, I thought that in my absence we continue with the perfective-imperfective goodness and see where it…

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More Perfective and Imperfective Goodness Posted by on Jan 13, 2009

Pinolona gave us a list of several verbs that cause her a lot of grief. And I would assume, not only her. They cause me a lot of grief, too. Up until very recently, I never really paid much attention to Polish verbs. I mean, what was there to pay attention to? You stick a…

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