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How internet is changing the way we talk? How to translate some abbreviations to Polish? Posted by on Mar 22, 2015

When it comes to the way we communicate with each other, it’s obvious the Internet influenced some major changes: Email superseded snail mail, Facebook pretty much swallowed the idea of calling someone and wishing them a happy birthday, our job hunts are conducted through LinkedIn… It’s slightly less in-your-face, but the Internet is also shifting…

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Have you paid your invoice yet? Posted by on Sep 25, 2013

Today one more post related to business world – this time about sending invoices. Few different phrases that hopefully will come in handy:)   For my services I kindly request the following payment… W związku ze świadczonymi przeze mnie usługami, proszę o uiszczenie podanej kwoty… Please find enclosed invoice no. … for … Tutaj może…

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Changing and canceling business orders Posted by on Sep 19, 2013

Today I will continue business orders phrases. Last time we took care of placing and confirming order, today we will go over changing and canceling orders. Would it be possible to reduce our order from…to… Czy istnieje możliwość zmniejszenia naszego zamówienia do… Would it be possible to increase our order from…to… Czy istnieje możliwość zwiększenia…

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The Untranslatables – episode 1: Politics Posted by on Mar 28, 2010

Today Adam (what a brave guy) tackles some totally incomprehensible to me political language. Yes, Poles sure do love their politics, and I, for one, am very glad that we have Adam to write about this. Because, frankly, I’d rather chew my leg off and bleed to death than talk politics. To understand Polish you…

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Reading in Polish – translations or “native” books? Posted by on Jan 9, 2010

It’s styczeń (January) now, dziewiąty (ninth) to be exact. Do you know where your postanowienia noworoczne (New Year’s resolutions) are? Mine have already been claimed by the vicious vortex known as “real life.” But maybe I should lead by example and come clean regarding my 2009 resolutions. Which were… Yeah, what were they? Ah yes!…

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Unfortunate Polish Menu Translations Posted by on Oct 28, 2008

Though I am no longer in Gdańsk, I will keep writing about it until either I run out of things to say, or you, my dear readers – get bored. I didn’t go to Hel this time, but no worries, I’m returning to Poland in about three weeks to pick up my ID card (dowód…

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