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What is happening in Cracow in October? Posted by on Oct 10, 2019 in Culture, Places to visit

Cracow (Kraków) is such a lovely city to visit, my absolute favorite in Poland! And autumn is a perfect time of the year to plan your trip, with plenty of festivals, events and activities to entertain pretty much everyone.

Quick weather note: the beginning of fall in Kraków is one of the nicest times of year to visit this Polish city, but you should keep in mind that temperatures fluctuate between mildly cool to nearly freezing with temperatures dropping over the month. Plan your wardrobe accordingly!

Image by Dima Lysenko from Pixabay

So what to do when you are there? Whether you’re a fan of literature or theatre, antiques or collectibles, history or art, there’s plenty of special events that you shouldn’t miss when you’re visiting the city of Kraków.

If you’re a fan of the theatre, there’s no better place to see all the best avant-garde theatres and theatrical troops in Poland than the Kraków Theatrical Reminiscences at the Rotunda Cultural Centre. This festival has been showcasing the best in Polish theatre every year since 1975 and happens throughout the month of October.

If you’re more a fan of history and culture of Poland, the best place to be on a Sunday in October is the legendary Sunday outdoor flea market Plac Targowy (Market Square) Unitarg at the local Hala Targowa (Market Hall). This sprawling open-air marketplace features some of the best antiques from the Old World along with everything from vinyl records and VHS cassettes to war memorabilia and village detritus. You can find amazing souvenirs and jewelry as well!
For music lovers, there’s the annual 7XGospel festival, a celebration of Polish African-American inspired religious performances, which takes place from October 12th to the 22nd. Or you could attend Unsound Kraków, founded in 2003, which showcases music from and around Poland and features talks, workshops, installation, film screenings, and a closing party.
Unsound focuses on a broad swath of contemporary music — emerging, experimental, and leftfield — whose sweep doesn’t follow typical genre constraints. Influential around the world, it has developed a reputation for identifying innovative scenes and radical sounds.

Image by Mr_Incognito_ from Pixabay

Have fun!

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