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Halloween in Brazil Posted by on Oct 31, 2007

Halloween (Dia das Bruxas) is not an official holiday in Brazil, but is increasingly celebrated After all, what marketing giants can pass up such a huge opportunity? International companies have led the way in promoting Halloween parties in metropolitan areas in Brazil, and to some extent it seems to be catching on. Please comment here…

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UEBA Posted by on Oct 31, 2007

UEBA is a blog aggregator and social voting site. Looking for some new Portuguese-language blogs, sites, news, funny videos or other generally entertaining ways to waste time? UEBA’s the place. Basically, UEBA works like Digg or del.icio.us insofar as it is a place that users can bookmark webpages/site and then vote on them. The…

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Top Ten Reasons Brazil Will Host 2014 World Cup Posted by on Oct 30, 2007

10. The last time Brazil hosted the World Cup was 1950 9. FIFA had decided to hold the tournament in 2014 in South America 8. Pentacampeão!!!!!!!! 7. Brazil has many major cities to hold matches. Breaking news!! TV Globo in Brazil has reported that the cities to host matches will include: Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre…

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Tropa de Elite Posted by on Oct 26, 2007

This article does not intend to promote the image of Brazil as a violent country. This film is a very big deal in the news, and I thought it appropriate to discuss. Tropa de Elite is a film based on the book Elite da Tropa, written by Luiz Eduardo Soares, André Batista and Rodrigo Pimental…

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Delicious Posted by on Oct 25, 2007

Here’s a terrific discovery tool that you can use to find more great resources for learning Portuguese. del.icio.us is a powerful tool for researching and bookmarking anything! Looking for a new way to keep track of your bookmarks as well as find great information you never would have come across? Look no further. del.icio.us…

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Proverbs Posted by on Oct 23, 2007

Learn some really common proverbs that we say all the time in English – in Portuguese! It turns out that “All roads” still “lead to Rome” and “If the cap fits,” you should still “wear it” in Brazil too. Click the image above to begin learning 12 super-useful phrases. This is a great opportunity…

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Brazilian Wii Costs $1,100 Posted by on Oct 22, 2007

So you thought the iPod was expensive in Brazil? It was no secret even before the popular game console was released that its retail price in Brazil would be, well, prohibitive. Though the high cost can be attributed to many factors, the real explanation lies in the burocracia alfandegária or customs bureaucracy. Getting goods into…

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