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Brazilian Music Online Posted by on Apr 30, 2008

You don’t have to be in Brazil to listen to great Brazilian music. Check out these artists online: 1. Curumin, a singer from São Paulo: http://www.myspace.com/curumin 2. Tita Lima, an artist who sings “samba, soul and trip-hop”: http://www.myspace.com/titalima 3. CéU, a popular MPB (música popular brasileira) singer, also from São Paulo (featured in the video…

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Calç+ Posted by on Apr 29, 2008

In Portuguese, words beginning with “calç” are somewhat related, but can be a bit confusing. Don’t forget that the “ç” has an “s” sound, like the s in “snake.” Let’s take a look. 1. calça: pants. Vou comprar a calça preta. I’m going to buy black pants. 2. calçada: sidewalk. Alguns cariocas deixam os cachorros…

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Brazilian Profile: Oscar Niemeyer Posted by on Apr 28, 2008

Born Oscar Ribeiro de Almeida Niemeyer Soares Filho, this Brazilian is not only the most famous modern architect in his own country but is also famous world-wide. He was born to Jewish parents in 1907 in Rio de Janeiro’s middle class Laranjeiras neighborhood. He attended the School of Fine Arts before beginning his career in…

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Naturalidades: Part III Posted by on Apr 27, 2008

To continue with our lesson on naturalidades, where a person is from in Brazil, let’s look at the Southern region. A person from the state of Paraná is called paranaense, and a person from the capital of Curitiba is called curitibano.   A person from the state of Santa Catarina is called catarinense or barriga-verde…

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Podcast: At the doctor’s office Posted by on Apr 24, 2008

Click to hear the Podcast! Today, we’re going to learn useful phrases for the doctor’s office. It’s best to be prepared, since not many Brazilian doctors speak fluent English. We use olá as a slightly more formal way of saying hello, as opposed to oi. Although the word for doctor is médico, we refer directly…

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Brazilian Profile: Maya Gabeira Posted by on Apr 23, 2008

Maya Gabeira is only 21 years old, and she’s not a superstar just yet. But she’s well on her way. She’s already a two-time winner of Best Female Surfer in the world. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Maya currently lives in Hawaii but travels the world searching for the best waves and attending…

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Daredevil Priest’s Balloon Flight Cut Short Posted by on Apr 23, 2008

This past Sunday, Brazilian priest Adelir de Carli set off on a mission to set a record for the most hours flown using just balloons in order to raise money for constructing a rest stop in his town of Paranagua, Santa Catarina. He strapped himself to 1,000 helium balloons, hoping to exceed the 19 hour…

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