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In Portuguese, words beginning with “calç” are somewhat related, but can be a bit confusing. Don’t forget that the “ç” has an “s” sound, like the s in “snake.”

Let’s take a look.

1. calça: pants. Vou comprar a calça preta. I’m going to buy black pants.

2. calçada: sidewalk. Alguns cariocas deixam os cachorros fazer cocô na calçada. Some Cariocas let their dogs do their business on the sidewalk.

3. calçados: shoes. A loja dos calçados vende sapatos, tênis e sandálias. The shoe store sells shoes, sneakers and sandals.

4. calçadão: large sidewalk/boardwalk.  O calçadão da Ipanema é bom para andar ou usar bicicleta. The boardwalk in Ipanema is good for walking or biking.

5. calção: shorts. Eu trouxe meu calção porque faz muito calor aqui. I brought my shorts because it’s very hot here.

6. calçar: to put on shoes. Ela calçou o tênis antes de ir à academia. She put on her sneakers before going to the gym.

7. calcinha: underwear (usually women’s). É importante levar calcinha na bagagem de mão no caso de perderem sua bagagem. It’s important to bring underwear in your carry-on bag in case your luggage is lost.


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  1. Rafael:

    Your blog is very nice, but I´d like to make a comment about the word “Calçado”
    Calçado is not sidewalk!
    Calçado is shoes.
    Sidewalk is “Calçada”
    The rest of the text is OK!
    By the way….
    Are you an American person who study portuguese or you are a Brazilian person who writes about portuguese language for people in general?
    See ya

  2. Valentina:

    And before “i” and “e” no “c” gets a cedilha. Thus the word is calcinha, not calçinha.

    Congratulations for your blog.

    All the best