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Archive for December, 2017

Portuguese listening/reading practice – Receita de ano novo Posted by on Dec 31, 2017

[Prática de escuta e leitura em Português] Feliz ano novo a todos! Happy New Year’s, everyone! Since it is our last post of the year, our listening and reading practice of the mês (month) is going to be a special one: a New Year’s poema (poem) by the celebrated modernist poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade (1902-1987)…

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Where to spend New Year’s Eve in Brazil Posted by on Dec 30, 2017

[Onde passar o ano novo no Brasil] Are you all ready for some late-night partying? While natal (Christmas) in Brazil is more family-oriented, o réveillon (New Year’s Eve) is all about celebrating in big style. The date is drawing to a close, so emotions must be running high to find the ideal location. So today’s…

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End of the year vocab Posted by on Dec 26, 2017

[Vocabulário de fim de ano] Feliz natal a todos! Merry Christmas, everyone! How was your natal (christmas)? Did you party a lot? Réveillon (New Year’s Eve) is drawing to a close, did you make a lot of planos (plans)? Today we are going to go over some words related to the end of the year…

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Brazilian Christmas recipes – Farofa Posted by on Dec 23, 2017

[Receitas natalinas brasileiras] O natal está chegando, estão animados? Christmas is coming up, are you excited? As a family holiday, gathering as a group to share a delicious meal is a major part of celebrating Christmas. Each country has its own typical dishes for the date. Today, we are going to present you with a…

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[Brazilian literature] – Paulo Coelho Posted by on Dec 15, 2017

E aí, gente? What’s up, guys? Leram muitos livros esse ano? Have you read many books this year? As we have previously mentioned on this series, reading texts in another language is a fundamental tool for improving our vocabulary and comprehension skills. Novels can be a fun and engaging way to do so. Today’s post…

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[Brazilian cinema] – Ilha das Flores Posted by on Dec 12, 2017

Olá a todos! Hello everyone! Como vai o dezembro de vocês? How is your december going? Today’s post will take no more than dez (10) minutes of your time: our topic is the short-movie Ilha das Flores (Island of Flowers), written and directed by Brazilian filmmaker Jorge Furtado. As an award-winning, highly-acclaimed work, it is…

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