Are you going? Posted by on Oct 13, 2009 in Sports

For today’s interactive feature, the question is: do you plan on attending the 2014 World Cup and/or the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil?

Sure, it’s a long way off, but I know a lot of people who are already set on attending one event or the other. Are you one of them? If you’re on the fence or considering going, how much would you be willing to pay for tickets to the games? (i.e. $100 for a preliminary soccer match, $250 for track and field, etc) Would you prefer to go to Rio de Janeiro (in the case of the Olympics) or would you prefer to visit Salvador, São Paulo, or Manaus (in the case of the World Cup, though the finals will take place in Rio)?

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  1. Fabricio:

    I am trying to pull a plan together where my family and I go to both the World Cup and the Olympics… Si Deus quizer.

  2. Jeremy:

    I hope to be living in Rio by 2014, hopefully even a yea or two before that, and I think I want to stay for a while if I can find a way to, so in an ideal world I’ll be there for both. I probably won’t have $$$ to be spending in stupidly expensive tickets, but I’m telling all my friends they can come crash on my couch/floor/wherever :)… Maybe I’ll be playing with an escola de samba or bloco that gets some world cup or oympics gigs.

  3. Ed:

    Wow, how did I miss this?

    I’m studying for a degree in Intercultural Communication and Latin American Linguistics, hoping to finish in 2014, so with luck I may be living and working in Brazil by the time the Olympics come along!

    I’m treating it like I do Carnaval — if I’m not already living there, I will avoid it because I’m sure the prices for things like hotels will be out of my range.